Breakthrough Shadow Coach


Are you feeling frustrated, unfulfilled or unable to propel forward?  Do you want to feel more self love and learn to trust your inner guidance? Do you have a goal you want to reach and would like an exhilarating breakthrough?  Perhaps Breakthrough Shadow Coaching is right for you!

Breakthrough Shadow Coaching was developed by Debbie Ford and is designed to take you from where you are to where you WANT to be.  I will support you in exposing your shadows, and dismantling the blocks that keep you stuck.  Whether you want to work on a single issue, or a long-term goal, this coaching process will inform, empower, and inspire you to breakthrough your own barriers.

Breakthrough Shadow Coaching is a spiritually based program that can help you discover your dreams and passions and give you tools to reach them.  Based on the concepts of wholeness and self love I can help you make peace with an issue or transform an area of your life that has always eluded you.

As a coach I will guide you and hold you in your highest as you take powerful action steps each week.  We will train your unconscious to serve you instead of hinder you.  We will set up and develop structures to guarantee your success. 

If you are ready to step out of fear and step into faith, to go from resignation to inspiration, and from predictability to possibility, then, I am here for you to ensure that you create deep and lasting change! 

10 weekly coaching sessions are recommended.  We may also do as little or as many sessions as you like.  Sessions are 1 hour long and done over the phone allowing clients to come from anywhere in the world.

Contact me today to schedule a free consultation phone call.  During the call you will get a feel for what Breakthrough Shadow Coaching is and determine if it's right for you as well as determine how many sessions will be needed.


"Working with Julie was the light I needed in, what I thought was a dark chapter in my life. She had such a calming and informative way of guiding me to see the beauty in the darkness. She also taught me several useful tools to implement in my life that were so impactful, I will be using them forever. After all our calls, I always felt so energized and inspired. Julie truly has a gift for connecting with people and making them feel safe and able to openly express themselves. I highly recommend utilizing her gifts as she is a remarkable individual. - Lauren"

"It’s very easy to set the “cruise control” button on the road of life if you’re not entirely sure what your destination is - you were just put on this road and told to move forward, and it’s up to you to decide which route to take. After my coaching sessions with Julie, the route and destinations became clear. It truly feels as though a path that was originally diverted (however slight) has been realigned internally and with that, I’m happier and more in tune with my true self.  Julie was able to lead me to a solution without taking my hand, but guiding with questions that helped reveal a refined truth. She was a virtual stranger prior to our sessions and I was able to open up and express the way that I would with a close friend. I can’t say enough amazing things about my experience. - Lindsay Martin"