Take control of your health…

As you all know by now, my son was premature and being in the NICU and in such a sterile condition (which he needed to be) can sometimes lead to other issues arising with the immune system.  Not being properly exposed to germs and getting a mother's immunities they often develop autoimmune type issues.  In my son's case it was eczema. 

As I sat one day applying steroid cream to my baby, I was reading the label.  Realizing how unsafe this product was (and quite frankly it wasn't doing a very good job anyhow) I knew I had find something different.  Something better.  My research into safer and more natural alternatives led to me getting rid of many toxic products we used unknowingly everyday!!  My journey did not start with essential oils but when I did find them, they changed our world.

I used them for several years before finding my passion in sharing and educating others to take control of their own health through diet, exercise, coaching, supplements and essential oils.  Since becoming a Wellness Advocate I have seen amazing things happen for those who are willing to change their lives! 

If you would like to learn more about essential oils I teach classes at public events, private in home events, 1 on 1 consults or online.  I also have an educational group on Facebook.  There is no obligation to attend a class or join the group.  Just to be open to listening and learning. 

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